Diversity Inclusion in Leisure Forum 2024

12 Feb 2024
Aquatics, Health & Fitness, Venue

ARV- Diversity and Inclusion in Leisure Forum 

Date: Thursday February 8, 2024 


What is the Diversity and Inclusion in Leisure Forum? 

The Victorian Aquatic Industry has developed Diversity and Inclusion in Leisure Forum in response to the need of continual advancement and progression of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Aquatics and Recreation.  

Collaborators from the following organisations have come together to develop the Forum: 

  • Aquatics and Recreation Victoria 
  • AusActive 
  • Aligned Leisure 
  • Bluefit 
  • Belgravia Foundation 
  • YMCA Victoria  
  • Disability Sport and Recreation 

The 2023 event attracted over 200 representatives from Victorian organisations supporting areas of our industry including Aquatics, Fitness and Leisure. 

After the success of the 2023 event, ARV is delighted to announce that the Diversity and Inclusion in Leisure Forum will be run again in 2024. The forum is aimed at the ability to create an opportunity for the Victorian Aquatics and Recreation industry to strengthen its ability to welcome, support and include everyone into everything leisure can offer. 

The event provides various short, TEDx-style presentations which are aimed at a variety of evidence-based practices which have been evaluated so the outcomes can be portrayed to those in attendance along with the associated data / outcomes. 


How did MOVE Moonee Valley support the forum? 

44 presenter applications were submitted to ARV, out of these 12 were selected including Jaye Hansford our Community Engagement and Inclusion Coordinator at MOVE Moonee Valley presented two topics: 

  • “Guideline in Support of Inclusion” 

ARV Access and Inclusion Guide: The guide is designed to assist aquatics and recreation organisations to improve access for underrepresented communities and increase participation opportunities for those who often miss out. It is divided into two sections: one for leaders looking for organisation-wide approaches, and another for local champions who would like to implement initiatives in their venues or regions. 

As part of the presentation with ARV’s Jerome Parot, Jaye provided the local champion perspective, demonstrating how the guide can give you the strength and support to be able to advocate & influence others to be able to understand best practice in inclusion. 

 Presented by: Jerome Parot, ARV and Jaye Hansford, MOVE Moonee Valley 

  • “YouMeUs” 

YouMeUs is an online staff training platform that supports the access and inclusion  

of people with a disability into leisure centres. 

It is freely available on the web, accessible 24/7 and proven that it builds the confidence and capacity of the learner to better welcome, support and include people with a disability. 

Jaye spoke of her experience in utilizing YouMeUs through her work in the leisure sector spanning across 11 years, multiple contracts and numerous venues and in witnessing its impact first hand. 
Presented by: Jaye Hansford, MOVE Moonee Valley 

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