MOVE Cycle Challenge 2024

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Join us for the 2024 MOVE Cycle Challenge!

The MOVE Cycle Challenge returns for 2024! 

From Monday 8 July through to Sunday 28 July, all MOVE members are invitied to participate in the MOVE Cycle Challenge and go into the draw to win a MyZone heart rate belt. As a MOVE member, you have reciprocal access to Keilor East Leisure Centre and Ascot Vale Leisure Centre, so you're able to participate in group fitness classes across both venues, including everything on offer in our Cycle studios. If you've recently joined us as part of our EOFY Offer, this is a great opportunity to sink your teeth into a fitness challenge and really kickstart your health and fitness goals!

Indoor cycle classes are a great introduction to cycling, and fitness in general. Cycle classes are essentially an  impact-free way to exercise, that is going to push your cardio, and leave you sweating and smiling and wanting to come back for more.

Increase heart health, cardio-respiratory capacity, and muscle tone, whilst burning fat, and enjoying a great soundtrack. 

The added bonus of indoor cycle classes is that everything is on your terms. You decide how hard you want to push, and on average, burn between 400-500 calories per class. Don't forget your drink bottle and your towel, becuase you are going to SWEAT!


1. Pick up a Challenge Card from reception or your next cycle / RPM / SPRINT class.

2. Attend 10 live cycle classes with an instructor. These can be RPM, Cycle, or SPRINT. Check the timetable below to see what classes and times are available.
  • At the end of an in-person class with an instructor, ask them to date and initial your class.
  • IMPORTANT - remember to book ALL of your classes via Active World! If you haven't got the app yet, speak to one of our team at reception and they can get you started!
3. Once you've completed 10 classes, hand your card back to reception to enter the draw. Feel like doing another 10 classes? Simply grab another Challenge Card!

LOOKING FOR EXTRA STAMPS? Our health club team will choose some classes to be double-stamp classes available as part of the challenge! Attend any of these classes, and you'll get an extra stamp, so you can complete your Challenge Card faster, and get your entry into the prize draw:



6:00am SPRINT   RPM   RPM    
8:30am           Cycle RPM
9:15am Cycle RPM RPM Cycle SPRINT    
9:30am           RPM  
5:30pm RPM     RPM      
6:00pm   SPRINT SPRINT        

6:00am Cycle SPRINT Cycle   Cycle  
8:30am           RPM
9:30am   RPM RPM      
6:00pm     Cycle      
6:30pm RPM          


If you've got any questions, feel free to send us a message or speak to one of our team at reception.

  • The MOVE Cycle Challenge is only available to current MOVE members.
  • Entry is only available for MOVE memberships that have access to Group Fitness classes
    • MOVE Bronze
    • MOVE Silver
    • MOVE Gold
    • MOVE Health Club
  • The MOVE Cycle Challenge is not available to those on MOVE Teen or MOVE Aquatic membership tiers.
  • In order for each entry to be eligible, participants must
    • Ensure that each class is booked via the Active World platform; and
    • Ensure that each class completed with an in-person instructor is initialled and dated by the instructor; and
    • Ensure that all 10 squares open the MOVE Cycle Challenge card is complete before returned to Reception for entry.
  • Cycle challenge does not include any virtual Les Mills or MyRide classes.
08 Jul 06:00 AM
28 Jul 20:00 PM

Ascot Vale, VIC

Ascot Vale Leisure Centre

  • 0392836402
  • Cnr Langs & Epsom Road, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

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